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Selection of polishing process and polishing wax to be used in polishing machines
The polishing process is divided into three steps: coarse polishing, medium polishing and fine polishing. Good polishing wax must be selected for optimum performance.
Use different colors to show different kinds of polished wax and avoid confusion when using. High abrasive content can accelerate the whole polishing process. The process is polished wax with the surface of the polishing wheel moving to make the material smooth. Therefore, it is very important to choose the polishing wax for specific purposes.

Select the size of the polishing wheel
The power of the motor determines the size of the polishing wheel, and the shaft of the motor must be matched with the polishing wheel. Place the polishing wheel in the center of the rotating shaft and tighten it with the wrench. The best polishing effect can be obtained by the uniform speed of the polishing wheel, so if the smaller motor is matched with a large polishing wheel, the line speed will fall a lot when the polishing wheel is polished, and the polishing effect will be affected.

With polished wheels and polished wax
The direction of the polishing wheel is directed towards yourself and has gained enough speed. Lightly polish the wax on the rim of the wheel and ensure that it is underneath the horizontal axis of the rotating shaft until the surface is covered with wax. Use a clean piece of metal gently to lean on the surface of the wheel for a few seconds to make the wax open. Several times, make the wax evenly covered on the surface. When the surface is completely covered with wax, the polishing process can be carried out. If necessary, apply the polish to the wheel again. The wheels of rough throwing, throwing (cutting), polishing (polishing) should be separated and must be separated, otherwise the polishing process will be scratched on the surface by rough particles.

Proper use of the polishing wheel
It turns toward itself and runs at full speed. Polish the wax on the edge of the wheel for a couple of seconds, so that the wax can be attached to the wheel (do not put the wax on the polished object). Hold the workpiece tightly against the wheel surface and ensure that the workpiece is underneath the horizontal axis of the central axis of the wheel, otherwise the wheel may throw the workpiece out of the hand. The correct way of doing this is to gently touch the wheel with the workpiece and remove the workpiece. This helps to wipe out the sharp corners of the surface, and the round tube polishing machine avoids spots. Add wax when necessary, but don't overdo it. If excess will cause many deep spots on the workpiece. If you are careful not to use too much wax, wipe it with iron brushes and other tools. Do not force the wax on the surface of the wheel to allow the wheels to rotate freely. When the workpiece is changed from coarse polishing to fine polishing (Shang Guang), no coarse particles are left in the wheel, otherwise scratches will be produced. When polishing is finished, use the soft cloth with talcum powder to wipe the surface of the workpiece and remove the wax. A simple try can master the whole process.

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