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What is the impact of grinding on the environment
In the grinding process of abrasive belt machine and polishing machine, the influence of abrasive belt's grinding pin on the environment can not be neglected except that the noise of abrasive belt's grinding pin has adverse effect on the processing environment. In recent years, with the enhancement of people's environmental protection, the demand for environmental quality is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the pollution problem of various environment in the grinding and processing has begun to receive extensive attention. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the other adverse effects of the grinding pin of the sand belt and discuss the solutions.
Factors affecting the environment of grinding and machining
The other factors that affect the environment of grinding machine are mainly as follows:
The cutting thickness of each abrasive grain is very thin, and the cutting thickness of the general cutting method is more than 0.02mm, and the general thickness of the grinding pin in the grinding machine can be as small as below the micron, so a lot of fine cutting wastes will be produced.
The grinding pin speed of the abrasive belt machine is much higher than that of the general cutting speed, so the heat of the parameters is very high. At the same time, because of the poor thermal conductivity of the mold, 70%-80% is introduced to the workpiece, which causes the surface temperature of the workpiece to be very high directly affecting the processing surface quality and processing precision. Therefore, a large number of grinding liquid is often needed to cool the grinding pin. Lubrication, and the atomization caused by the grinding fluid itself and due to high temperature has great influence on the environment and human body.
The abrasive belt has the self-sharpening function, causes the abrasive belt machine in the grinding pin dust to be many, in addition between the abrasive and the workpiece grinding function, causes the grinding pin to be more fine.
Damage to environment and human body by grinding and processing
In the process of grinding of sand belt machine, it is known that the products are not only products, but also solid, liquid and gas waste. These wastes are very harmful to the human body and the environment.

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