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Motion comparison between automatic polishing machine and rotary automatic polishing machine
In the multi type of surface processing automation equipment, there is a special equipment specially designed for the design of the regular plane and plate type work piece products. Its name is a plane automatic polishing machine (single axis automatic polishing machine). Its general structure can be divided into several parts, the machine body frame structure, the driving mechanism of the power polishing head, the movement mechanism of the worktable, the swing mechanism of the worktable, the automatic tensioning mechanism of the polishing wheel and the automatic control cabinet. The movement mode of the machine is that the product workpiece is flat on the working table, starting the main polishing head running, starting the working table and swinging around the worktable. The polishing head is automatically pressed down to contact the workpiece surface for polishing operation. RE polishing operation. The set times movement is finished, the polishing head is raised automatically, the worktable is pulled out of the initial position so as to facilitate the processing of the next product from the new loading and unloading of the product.

The rotary automatic polishing machine is developed based on the circular, cylindrical, spherical and elliptical parts of the market. With high production efficiency, low labor cost, manual work only needs to be done, the operators only need ordinary workers, do not need professional polishing master, easy to operate and so on. It has a good market prospect, and a device can replace artificial labor of 10-20 people per day. What track does it have for the shape of the workpiece? The power polishing head is arranged around the main body of the equipment. The polishing head can be moved forward and backward according to the shape and size of the workpiece; the workpiece can also move up and down according to the shape of the workpiece; the workpiece with the dead angle or the arc can be swayed and rotated as a whole. In order to better handle the workpiece, there is no place to be left out. You can also customize the kinetic energy shield, automatic compensation, automatic waxing and other kinetic energy according to the specific requirements of customers.

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