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The difference between mechanical polishing machine and electrochemical polishing machine

Electrochemical polishing machine polishing method:

1., the surface of metal can be smooth or bright by electrochemical dissolution.
The 2. part of the material will appear on the surface of the oxide.
3. the corrosion resistance of the polished surface is good, and the bright surface lasts for a long time.
4. the composition and structure of the matrix material have great influence on the polishing surface effect.
The 5. disadvantage is that there will be large concave and convex stripes after polishing.
6. it is easy to obtain matte or tangerine skin when changing material and polishing conditions.
The 7. advantage is that the parts with complex shape and small parts are easy to polish.
8. in addition, the chemical polishing speed is fast, the output is large, the productivity is high, and it is easy to automate production.
The 9. disadvantage is the difficulty in polishing large pieces of goods.
10. is suitable for polishing of soft alloy.
11. polishing material is less expensive and less expensive.
12. the polishing surface has no stress and will not be mixed with abrasive.
13., the permeability of silicon steel sheet can be increased by 10% - 15%, and the lag loss of 10% - 12% can be reduced.

Polishing machine for mechanical polishing machine:

1. make smooth or bright surface effect on metal surface by cutting, deformation and abrasion.
The 2. surface will form a cold hardening deformation layer.
The 3. disadvantage is that the corrosion resistance is poor and the duration of light is short.
The 4. advantage is that the matrix material has little effect on the polishing effect.
5. products have no concave and convex surfaces and stripes on the surface.
6. the subsurface and orange skin surface could not be obtained.

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