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The role of polishing technology in the economy
1. Improve the metal surface decoration of daily necessities
2. Improve the corrosion resistance of the inner and outer walls of industrial production equipment.
In industrial production, most of the production equipment is made of steel and other metals, especially large towers, reactors, tanks and various containers in oil and chemical industries, and all kinds of containers are made of stainless steel, high strength aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and so on. These metals have a special metallic luster, the surface is easy to oxidize and produces a certain corrosion resistance film, which has a certain corrosion resistance in the corrosive medium and polluted industrial environment, but it is not uncorroded. From the influence factor of metal corrosion, in most cases, rough and non-smooth metal surfaces are more susceptible to corrosion than polished surfaces. Scratches, scratches, crevices and tiny dimples on metal surfaces are usually the source of corrosion. This is because the oxidation of the deep depressions is less than that of the other parts of the surface, so many oxygen concentrated micro corrosion cells are formed, which result in the deep depression being corroded by the anode and the cathode around it. At the same time, the concave part of rough surface is easy to adsorb active ions such as salt particles, SO2, NH3, and can make water droplets condense, thus causing damp atmospheric corrosion. In addition, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, zinc and other alloys are all passivated metals. Usually, the smooth and polished metal surface is easier to form uniform and dense protective film than the rough surface, so that the surface has better corrosion resistance. From the point of view of corrosion electrochemistry, the actual surface area of rough surface is larger than that of smooth surface, so its polarization performance is small and corrosion resistance is small. In addition, in the chemical industry, the inner wall of many equipment, especially the inner wall of the reaction kettle, has a clean surface, in addition to improving the corrosion resistance of the chemical medium, it has also cleaned up the reaction materials in the kettle to ensure the purity and quality of the product. Therefore, more and more industrial equipment surface polishing treatment to improve the efficiency and service life of equipment, improve economic efficiency.
3. improve the performance of electroplating, electroless plating and all kinds of metal products coating layer.
In all kinds of metal parts in the manufacturing industry, the final flat surface needs electroplating, electroless plating or coating to improve the decorative, functional and service life of the product. For this reason, the surface of the parts must be pre processed before plating and finishing, so that they are more smooth so that the appearance of the plating is brighter and the quality of the coating is improved. Grinding and polishing is the most common method used in electroplating and finishing. Especially when the surface has bright gloss and higher quality of the coating, polishing work is very important and key. For example, the key process of copper / nickel / branding electroplating is the grinding of plated parts. In the process of a motorcycle factory in the process of electroplating muffler, because of the lack of knowledge of grinding and polishing, the pattern of the grinding and polishing parts can be touched obviously, and the lines are not consistent. The result will prolong the electroplating time from 0.5h to 1H or even longer, resulting in the increase of cost and low qualification rate. After that, the polishing process is added and the special automatic polishing machine is added. As a result, the plating time is shortened and the leveling qualified rate is greatly improved. This is precisely because the surface polishing has a great influence on the plating quality.

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