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Basic elements and characteristics of abrasive belt grinding
Basic factors and characteristics of abrasive belt grinding in robot belt conveyor
(1) sand belt
Abrasive belt is a special form of multi blade, multi edge cutting tool, whose cutting function is mainly accomplished by abrasive particles adhered to the substrate. As a single abrasive cutting behavior, it can be compared to the cutting behavior of the micro cutting body of the general cutting tool. Abrasive belt, as a grinding tool for single abrasive, consists of three elements, abrasive and base material. On the surface of a flexible and flat fabric or paper matrix, a long and vertical abrasive grain is arranged in a flat surface, and the flexibility and elasticity are maintained by the binder and the matrix material. As the main variety of the coated abrasives, its performance is different from the components of various parts. The performance of the coated abrasive tools can meet the requirements for the grinding of various workpiece materials under different processing conditions. At the same time, the sand belt grinding is different from the grinding wheel and other coated abrasives.
(2) a tensioned wheel (or a tensioned structure)
Like the principle of flat belt mechanical transmission, it is necessary to make the sand belt grinding motion steadily. Only the driving wheel is not good, it must also have a tight wheel to make the belt tense and form a certain initial tension.
(3) contact wheel
The basic condition of grinding is to support the abrasive belt and make it close to the workpiece to be grinded. The way in which the abrasive belt contacts the workpiece to grind is a very important factor in abrasive belt grinding.
(4) driving wheel (or driving mechanism)
The driving wheel is a basic condition that must be satisfied to achieve the grinding purpose in the process of grinding belt movement. It can be used as a tension wheel or a contact wheel, or a single driving wheel.
(5) grinding parameters
It refers to the basic conditions that the grinding belt must meet in grinding process. It includes the cutting speed of abrasive belt V, workpiece feed speed V, grinding depth a and so on.
(6) grinding object
That is, the workpiece is processed.

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