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How to use the automatic high speed polishing machine correctly and safely
Sheng Sheng Machinery tells you how to use the automatic high-speed polishing machine correctly and safely.
One: no high-speed polishing machine can be used in the following cases
1. The operator has not received professional training.
2. Operators have not learned the Safety Operating Procedures.
3. The high speed polishing machine doesn't operate normally.
Two. Use the high speed polishing machine before making the following checks on the environment.
1. Operator's hands and feet should be far away from the rotating polishing head.
2, operators should not step on the power cord or twist the power cord into the polishing head.
3, the operator must dress safely.
4, the polishing area must not exceed the length of the power line.
5, the operator shall not leave the handle handle without authorization. When the machine is stopped, the handle must be loosened when the high speed polishing machine stops rotating completely.
6. No polishing pad with dirt or dirt can be used. When too many polishing pads can not be cleaned, replace them in time.
7, when replacing and installing polishing pad, the power must be cut off.
Three. Storage of high speed polishing machine
1, cut off the power supply.
2, tilted backward, stored in the rear.
3. Not to be stored outdoors, and should be stored in a dry place.

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